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Paraphé in French denotes a signature, or initials, ennobled by a flourish, a practice inspired long ago to avoid forgeries.

Paraphé is also a vibrant online gallery presenting the finest contemporary art online with a flourish. It launched in November, 2017 by Susan D. Grissom, an artist, curator, and Gallery Director of the former Lionheart Gallery in Pound Ridge, N.Y. If you live in the area, Paraphé can come to you.

The gallery showcases a broad range of works by notable painters, photographers, sculptors and multidisciplinary artists, as part of an innovative approach in which digital exhibits are complemented by Pop-Up shows in interesting spaces in the metro New York City region, along with visits to artists’ studios.

Just as Paraphé creator Susan Grissom masterfully curated exhibits at The Lionheart Gallery, juxtaposing diverse artworks to create inspired visual dialogues and heightened experiences for viewers, she presents suites of work on Paraphé that stand out individually and become harmoniously symphonic when considered together.

To learn more about Paraphé, email Susan Grissom at paraphe.art@gmail.com or call 929.367.1811.

About Susan D. Grissom

Susan Grissom ​is an artist as well as a gallerist,​ independent curator and art consultant.

Susan was the Gallery Director for The Lionheart Gallery in Pound Ridge, N.Y., until it closed in November 2017 following the death of the French owner. In all, she curated 43 exhibits at the gallery, which were well received by collectors and the press, including The New York Times.

​Perhaps Susan’s defining quality as director of The Lionheart Gallery, which presented two new exhibits simultaneously, was an instinct that inspired masterful pairings of often-dissimilar works, resulting in sublime dialogues that deepened and enhanced the experience for viewers.

One recent pairing combined “recovering lawyer” Geoffrey Stein’s wonderful large format collage portraits of the “Kings & Queens of Late Night,” such as Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, with multimedia works by Roxanne Faber Savage that focus on the plight of African elephants killed for their ivory tusks.

The interplay was brilliantly subtle. While there were no Republican Party elephant icons in “roxyshow/ELEPHANT,” there were plenty of “elephants in the room” creating a thematic bond among the works of two otherwise diverse artists.For Faber Savage, the literal elephant in the room consisted of soft sculptures of tusks, and for Stein the proverbial elephant in the room hidden within the socio-political commentary of his portraits consisted of photos of President Donald J. Trump as pieces of the collage—with both artists illuminating in different ways the darker sides of politics, government and world affairs.

Before transitioning into fine art, Susan had a background in Architectural Preservation and Restoration Arts, including working nationally and internationally in private homes.

A magazine story about Susan D. Grissom once said that “she’s lived the kind of life many people dream about, painting in the south of France or under the Tuscan sun.” Susan grew up in Tenn​essee​ and moved to New York City in 197​9​, pursuing restoration arts and eventually becoming a decorative painter for such British companies as Mark Wilkinson Furniture, ​the Clive Christian collection, and transforming kitchens with specialty finishes for the firm Smallbone of Devizes. Additionally, she worked at the Spannocchia Estate in Siena, Italy, through the Etruscan Foundation.

Susan wanted to be a fine art painter, however, and she studied at Marymount Manhattan, ​SUNY Empire State College, the Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan and the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk.

Now, through Paraphé, she is bringing the finest contemporary art, including her own works, to towns, and cities all over the world, while enjoying the culture and comforts of life in Greater New York.

To learn more about Paraphé, email Susan D. Grissom at paraphe.art@gmail.com or call 929.367.1811.

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